The offer

Property for sale in South Alentejo, Portugal

Own a piece of Paradise

We are not coming enough to really appreciate the beauty of Lobelha. Therefore, we are selling the two properties as one offer. We think that somebody who buys Casa Novas, the main house, will not want neighbours in Monte de Lobelha, and Monte de Lobelha comes with too small a land to really appreciate it.

We are selling the whole properties, as they are, for 1 000 000 €.

As you have already read, it is an exceptional opportunity as no houses can be built around the lake, and there are only a few places that are occupied. We also made an evaluation of the value of the properties with an engineer and a real estate agency.

If you are further interested, please contact Cyril Godefroy, Cabeça de Casal de Herança at

Renting Casas Novas de Lobelha

You can rent the whole house or just a bedroom. All rentals are available and managed through our neighbours Caroline and Jose. Please find more details here :