A family house

Main house

Surrounded by a beautiful garden, the house sits between two parts of the lake.

In these pages, we will talk mostly about Casas Novas de Lobelha, the biggest house at the top of the hill that is the center of the property life. If you are interested in knowing more about the house by the lake, Monte de Lobelha, click here.

The main house is a stone house rebuilt at the beginning of the 90s with modern comfort.

It provides 6 bedrooms, and is surrounded by the beautiful garden. You have different terraces to enjoy the lakeview and spend quiet time during the day in the shades.

It has a garage with a workshop as well as several other dependencies : a library under the tennis half court, a room for electricity storage, closets for water pumping and treatment and the guardian house that’s located 200m from the house.

The total covered land is 537 sqm. To know more about the layout, click here.

The land itself is 6.3 hectares. Most of it is covered by holm oak trees, arbousier and very few cork oak trees. See more about the landscaped garden here.