Paradise is not paradise without a paradise garden


A mediterranean garden hanging between water and sky

The garden of the main house is a beautiful place that was created almost 20 years ago by Jean-Claude de France from Nature Algarve. He spent a few days in the house before proposing many changes to make the garden more pleasant, beautiful and allow for a minimal maintenance.

Most areas of the garden are filled with plants that are already naturally growing in the area or have been acclimated. Between Rosemary, Jasmin, Wisteria, Oleander you will enjoy a ravishment both for the eyes and the smell.

Close to the house, many terraces have been built, allowing you to choose the sun exposition and shadow you wish. Most have direct access from the house.

You’ll find many fruit trees in the garden, some of which will give fruits in the late winter or early spring. Orange trees, grapefruit trees, nefles, mandarinier, avocado, fig trees, grape vines, grapefruit trees, apples, pears and even kumqat or piri-piri. A marvel to discover and taste.

You’ll also enjoy many flowers. Bougainvilliers, jasmin and wisteria provide beautiful flowers above you head while lavenders or agapanthes provide flowers at your feet.

Many large pine trees, olive trees and some eucalyptus provide shadow and freshness and habitat for many different species of birds: swallows, yellow parakeets and other small birds. There are even 2 eagles in the area which you may see from afar.

If you’d like, you can have vegetable fruits grow in the green house or outside. We’ve always appreciated having different kinds of tomatoes, pepper. You may also want lettuce, cucumbers or zucchini. And of course all the fresh herbs to go with it : mint, chive, basilic…

We have a gardener to maintain the garden, clean everything and grow vegetables. The sprinkling system is handled by a remote Samcla hub that programs 20 different zones of sprinkling.