The opportunity to develop

Guest house

Very close to another part of the lake is another smaller house that’s not been fully developed and has no equipment today.

It is a great opportunity to develop a business or house many guests.

Monte de Lobelha in 2014 with the lake almost full.

The house itself is composed of 3 buildings.

The main building has been partly rebuilt in the 90s, but there is still a lot of place to rebuild, almost half of the surface.

The 2nd building is split between two rooms with bathrooms and has access to the same terrace as the main house.

The 3rd building has access in back of the house. It has two small rooms with electricity and water but has not been fully organized.

The most striking features of this house are its close access to the lake in a quiet part, the traditional setting (this house was occupied full-time until the 70s), its great sun exposure.